Oct 4, 2010

Not to mention...

Once again, we love a little spotlight on Scarletta Press. Our Jewish Robot Future recently had a nice mention in the bookshelf section of Tablet Magazine, an online Jewish community magazine. Here's a small taste of what they had to say:
"If Jewish/vampire trysts and Orthodox dragonslayers sound too old-fashioned for you, you might prefer Leonard Borman’s Our Jewish Robot Future (Scarletta, October), which comes freighted with the illustrative subtitle “A Comedic Novel about the Garden of Eden and the Cyborgian Transformation of the Human Race.” If nothing else, the novel demonstrates how irresistible it is for some authors to insert Jewishness into their wild fantasies..."  Read the rest here.

Invitation to Moderate

Scarletta Publisher Ian Graham Leask will be at the Rain Taxi Twin Cities Book Festival on October 16 moderating a panel. You can find him and several authors in the Hennepin Room at 2:30 PM for The Great Midwest: Regional Writing panel.  (Don't forget to also check out Scarletta Press near the KFAI table!)

"Join us as authors from outside the Twin Cities talk about writing in and about the region of Minnesota and the Midwest. Moderated by Ian Graham Leask, producer and host of KFAI’s Write On Radio!  
Charlene Ann Baumbich uses humor to teach readers and listeners how to appreciate the little things. She’s the author of over a dozen books, including her newest, Divine Appointments. Though she resides in Illinois, many of her books are set in Winona, MN—find out why! 
Patrick Hicks teaches creative writing at Augustana College in Sioux Falls, and is the author of several poetry collections (most recently This London) and the editor of a brand-new anthology of South Dakota poetry, A Harvest of Words. He has recently returned to the Midwest after living in Europe. 
Mark Munger is the owner of Cloquet River Press and the author of several books, including The Legacy, Ordinary Lives, River Stories, and most recently, Mr. Environment: The Willard Munger Story. He lives in northern Minnesota. 
Kent Nerburn is the author of the loudly acclaimed Neither Wolf nor Dog and its sequel, the Minnesota Book Award winner The Wolf at Twilight, among many other books that encourage millions to “seek the unseen in life.” He lives near the Canadian border in northern Minnesota."

Adventures at MBA

Midwest Booksellers Association hosts the trade show every fall. This past Saturday, October 2, was the exhibit day, and Scarletta Press had a wonderful time.

Scarlett'as Amanda Fish & Author Leonard Borman

Oct 1, 2010

For your listening enjoyment

Recently, as in this past Tuesday, September 28, Leonard Borman, author of Our Jewish Robot Future, made a grand appearance on local radio program KFAI Write On! Radio. For your listening enjoyment and in case you missed the original stream, we've provided the audio here.

Enjoy and have a good laugh along with Leonard and Scarletta Publisher Ian Graham Leask!

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