Jun 26, 2013

ALA 2013: Chicago Bound

GOOOOOD Morning, Campers!

I've always wanted a PA system to shout that over, but I suppose a blog will have to do.

We're getting very excited around the office: ALA 2013 is just two days away!

This year, we're traveling to Chicago to exhibit our books and company at the American Library Association conference. And we hope to see you there!

Will you be in attendance?

Here are just a few of the exciting activities we've lined up for our readers:

-Book Signing on Saturday with BETSY'S DAY AT THE GAME author Greg Bancroft.  I heard that the first 20 people in line will receive a free tote?  Who doesn't love a little book swag?

-Galleys of THE BEST SATURDAY EVER and MONSTER NEEDS A COSTUME will be available to both look at and snatch up.

-We're handing out Crunchy Almond Cookies from COOL WORLD COOKING! Designer Alex has perfected the recipe and we're excited to share these tasty treats available from our delightful new cook book for junior readers! (Publishing July 9th, 2013)

-Need a bookmark? We've hand-crafted plenty to hand out to you! Our upcycling craft collection, TRASH TO TREASURE, will be available this forthcoming November.

Desiree, Mike, Nancy, and Myself will be in and out of the booth all weekend long. We're excited to chat, network, and hear your stories: do us a favor and stop by booth #2537 and hang with the Scarletta Crew.

Jun 12, 2013

Newest Intern

Good Afternoon, Blog!

Well, it's another gloomy morning in the twin cities. The lack of sunshine may have some spirits down, but the world doesn't stop moving just because of a little rain. And here at Scarletta, we are always moving forward--on to something better and (hopefully) brighter!

Today is no exception. I am happy to introduce our newest intern for the summer season: John Hansen. He's provided a little bit about himself for our readers. So enjoy your cup of coffee and quick introduction to the most recent addition to the office team.


Jun 6, 2013

"Determined To Matter" Matters to Me

"You gotta love me.  And if you don't, about a billion other people do." ~Shannon O'Hara 

I had not met the O'Hara family until last night at an event for Determined to Matter at Micawber's Books. I came aboard the Scarletta train just in time to see the finished product, so I never interacted with them through the acquisitions or editorial process. While I think working with Jen and her family during the first parts of the book's journey would have been a great experience, I am glad that I get to share in the stops that are left.

A confession:

Determined to Matter was my least favorite book among the many that Scarletta was working on when I started here in February. I was so excited to work on events with creative, zany, adventurous children's books, and DTM is just about the furthest title from what I thought I'd be working with. It just didn't speak to me in the way that The Mighty Quinn or Monster Needs A Costume immediately did. And, as Dan and Jen pointed out last night in their discussion of the book's creation, I found it to be a little cliched. A family member passes and you write a book to memorialize them--it's a common practice.