Jan 22, 2009


With all print media struggling, it's no shock that electronic media is getting more attention and respect. E-books are especially discussed in publishing. And everyone keeps talking about electronic book readers like Kindle, but personally I've only ever seen a handful in my life. I wonder how much longer it will take for an e-reader like Kindle to become a commodity, so most could afford to buy one. Right now the Kindle lists for $359--prohibitive for me, and many others, in this economy--but they are sold out on Amazon. Clearly, there is a demand despite the economic woes.
Eventually I'll probably own a Kindle or Sony Reader or whatever the newest incarnation is. (Apple is bound to come out with a reading gadget larger than an iPhone someday, right?) I wonder how my readings habits will change. Will I miss the feeling of a book--the crisp pages of a new book, the soft crumpled pages of a used one? Will I miss drawing little stars by unique turns of phrase? 
For the time being, I'm going to enjoy my old-fashioned tangible book with creased corners and smudgy pens while I can.  

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