Sep 13, 2010

Are E-Books Taking Over?

It's common knowledge that society hungers for increased technology in the world of publishing. Many writers and presses are beginning to put more emphasis on e-books. Why? Well, if you consider what writer and marketing guru, Seth Godin, says, then it's quite obvious: "Paper books aren’t a particularly elegant way to spread an idea in the age of blogs, e-readers and social media."

These days, it's typical to get a glimpse of a new book electronically first. Yet true book lovers will always carry their paperbacks and hardcovers around. The feel of the pages between your fingers and the smell of ink on paper can't be replaced by LCD screens and scrolling pages. At Scarletta we aren't giving up on the process--we think it's still worth the effort to connect with our readers through traditional publishing.

But with that in mind, we do understand the perks of offering our books in electronic formats. That's why we are now utilizing PGW's Constellation services so as to offer many of our books on the Apple iPad, Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, eBrary, OverDrive, Sony Reader, Google Books and many more.

Check out these Scarletta books in their electronic formats: Our Jewish Robot Future, Yankee Invasion: A Novel of Mexico City, Israeli and Palestinian Voices, Tragedy in South Lebanon, A Beirut Heart, The Once and Future Celt, Written on the Knee, Willow in a Storm, Ultimate Breakthrough Planning, and soon The Litigators.

We also recently gained the rights to two books by Bill Watkins. We'll be putting those back into circulation through P.O.D and electronic formats. More details to come!

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