Dec 20, 2010

The Terminator Twist

If you couldn't tell by now, Scarletta Press has started traveling in new directions. With our jump into the popular fiction genre, we've published an outrageously humorous read in Our Jewish Robot Future by Leonard Borman. It's a book that is slowly, but SURELY, garnering more and more attention.

One of the most recent reviews can be found on page 15 of the Association of Jewish Libraries Newsletter (November/December 2010 issue).
"Do you remember the Terminator movies? An evil cyborg from the future comes back in time with the mission to kill the woman who would become the mother of the leader of the human resistance movement. In a twist on that theme, Borman creates a Jewish robot of the future who travels back in time to tell Alex and Margarita Haralson that they must convince their adult children to start reproducing in order for their many-times-great-grandchildren to ultimately develop the robots that would travel into space and preserve Judaism..." Read the rest here.
 Don't forget to pick up your copy today!

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