Sep 26, 2011

Scarletta Press on KFAI's Write On Radio!

Hi all! I just wanted to introduce myself. My name’s Ashley, and I’m the newest Literary Marketing Intern at Scarletta Press. I know there are a lot of really great publishers in Minneapolis, but one of the things I love about Scarletta is their new children’s imprint: Scarletta Press Junior Bookwormz!
I’m currently reading the first book in their children’s line, Lost in Lexicon, and even at the age of 21, I’m enjoying it! This past Tuesday night, Scarletta’s Publicity Director, Desiree Bussiere, asked me if I’d like to tag along and observe some marketing she had planned for the book.
We ended up at KFAI’s Write On Radio! program with the author of Lost in Lexicon, Pendred Noyce, as well as Peter Smith, author of A Cavalcade of Lesser Horrors. I arrived under the impression that it would be an evening to sit back and listen, but I soon found myself being asked if I’d like to help read off the upcoming literary events.

My initial reaction: Yikes! I don’t do public speaking. But I told myself no one could see me—or my red face and shaking hands—so all I had to do was avoid stammering. Which I did! Though I do apologize to any authors whose names I butchered! I’ve never been all that fantastic with names. Overall it was a fun night. My moment of fame was just that, a moment, and I got to spend the rest of the evening listening to two great authors chat about just what they love about their books.
I hadn’t listened to KFAI’s Write On Radio! before Tuesday night, but I definitely have plans to tune in more often. I don’t exactly need new books to put on my “To read” list, but I love hearing about them anyway.
And if you missed Tuesday night’s show and want to hear Penny talk about Lost in Lexicon, Write On Radio! archives all of their programs for two weeks, so check it out on their website!

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