Dec 8, 2011

Spend your holidays in style with Pamela Cory & Hassie Calhoun

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Hassie Calhoun: A Las Vegas Novel of Innocence


Pamela Cory



368 pages, $15.95

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Pamela Cory
Scarletta Press

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Buy Hassie Calhoun: A Las Vegas Novel of Innocence this holiday season and receive a free musical download!

Snuggle up during the 2011 holiday months with a perfect cocktail of passion, hope, devastation, and nostalgia in Pamela Cory's Hassie Calhoun. And this season, you can wind down while listening to the book's feature song, I Just Can't Figure It Out, performed by author & songwriter, Pamela Cory.


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5. Enjoy your holidays!

With her innocence and identity on the line, the road to stardom puts young and talented Hassie in several compromising situations. Pamela Cory offers a deceptively sophisticated look into the life of an ambitious young woman during the era of the Rat Pack, whose very passions impede her dreams in a way that many women could secretly relate to.

In this coming of age novel, "...the imagery is vivid. The lights are bright, the music is romantic, and the people are larger than life. To Hassie, Las Vegas is full of possibility, hope, prosperity, excitement, and to the reader the dangers of all of this loom on every page." (The Nevada Review)

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