Jan 10, 2012

Libraries pick Lexicon

The Virginia Beach Public Library recently named Penny Noyce's Lost in Lexicon a VBPL Staff Pick. They weren't the first, and they certainly won't be the last because Lost in Lexicon has something in it for all kids.
In spite of its somewhat obvious goal of encouraging reluctant children to enjoy and understand the many uses of words and numbers, Lost in Lexcon is actually an enjoyable fantasy.
In the course of their travels Daphne learns to use a compass and navigate on the Cartesian plane. She has some other mathematical successes and discovers she enjoys solving these problems.
Meanwhile, Ivan discovers that he needs to use words, sometimes in critical situations. Naturally he learns to enjoy the power of words and recognize their usefulness.
Lost in Lexicon is perfect for kids who love math, as well as writing and reading. But the story isn't solely educational, kids get so swept up in the adventure to find the lost kids of Lexicon that they forget they're learning.

You’ll like meeting the interesting characters (especially Mistress of Metaphor and Bran) and learning how the cousins manage to find the children and save Lexicon. Joan Charles’ illustrations, especially of the various characters, added to my enjoyment.
With over 150 illustrations, no part of Lost in Lexicon is too hard to handle. Graphics accompany each of the "lessons" in Lexicon making them more accessible. This is what makes Lost in Lexicon such a perfect library pick: it's educational, but fun. It's great for parents who want to keep their children learning over long summer or winter breaks because even kids who don't enjoy math and writing will have fun with the adventure that takes cousins Daphne and Ivan all over the fantastical land of Lexicon.
This August, Daphne and Ivan will return to Lexicon, this time to learn about music. Ice Castle is perfect for the kids in your life who love to sing and play instruments.

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