Feb 16, 2012

Highlights From the Digital Book World Conference

According to PGW Constellation, changes in book marketing was the main point driven home at this year's Digital Book World Conference (January 23-25, 2012). Multiple panelists stated that the traditional lines between the marketing, publicity and sales departments are quickly falling away, especially when it comes to the use of social media.
"Marketing, sales and publicity serve the same function and should be more closely aligned"—Ellen Archer, Hyperion
The biggest draw of social media is the interactive component. Authors can stay in touch with readers, contests can be held and Open Road is finding that creating new video content is the most efficient marketing investment a publisher can make.

According to the this year's conference, discoverability is the biggest issue facing publishers today. A number of topics were brought up when increasing discoverabilty was discussed:
—It's important to appear on page one of Google search results
—It's also important to check your search ranking/results in multiple search engines
—Creating a "super niche" results in better discoverability
—The more user engagement and links, the greater the ranking on Google
—When building an online community, partner with a community that already exists instead of trying to build something from scratch
—"People act like monkeys online. 'See a book. Click a book. Buy a book.' Make it easy for them."—Lori Cullwell on the importance of smart web presence for a book.

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