Apr 26, 2012

A Taste of Reading's Adventures - Yum!

This summer, Scarletta is coming out with its first food-related book: Knives on the Cutting Edge by Bob Macdonald. And let me tell you, copyediting a book about food makes you HUNGRY! Which got us thinking, what other books have made our mouths water? So we set out to create a list of the foods found in our favorite books! And then we went on to find the perfect recipes for them.
Here's a sample of the list below:

You can check out the rest of our list here.
Knives on the Cutting Edge is a tribute to the greatest chefs in Europe and the United States who over the last two decades have led a revolution unlike any in the history of dining. It examines several current important megatrends, such as the rise of celebrity chefs, the healthy eating movement, and the growing emergence of bolder flavors in gourmet foods. Bob Macdonald provides anecdotes, personal insights, and memories from his visits to many of the world's greatest restaurants.Knives on the Cutting Edge is available August 7, 2012, but you can pre-order it here today!

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