Jun 29, 2012

Does This Spark Your Pinterest?

Like most publishers, Scarletta Press is on Pinterest. And yes, like most, we love it. We have boards with titles like Book Humor, Dream Bookshelves, In Memory of Maurice Sendak, Kid Lit, and Book Trailers—just to name a few—and we’re constantly looking for new images to pin and repin. Well that’s all fine and good, you say, but what’s the point?
So glad you asked.
At first glance, Pinterest doesn’t seem like you can do much with it except pin pretty images—good for hoarding crafty DIY ideas and ridiculously yummy pastry recipes—but if you look at the statistics, Pinterest actually represents an incredible opportunity to build communities,increase brand awareness, and drive web traffic.
As an avid pinner, I’m usually the first to say that a picture is better than words. That’s what Pinterest is all about anyway: images. So to shed some light on the Pinterest phenomenon, I found some infographics about the marketing opportunities for companies, the demographics of the typical user, and some other fun information. After looking through them, it’s easy to see why pinning is becoming such a worthwhile venture for companies like us. (I even found the images on Pinterest, and pinned them to our new Infographics board.)

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