Oct 18, 2012

Twin Cities Book Festival 2012

First was Heartland Fall Forum, and then last Saturday, we hauled all of our books to the Minnesota State Fairgrounds in  St. Paul for Rain Taxi Review's annual Twin Cities Book Festival.

This year was a little different as the festival wasn't held downtown at MCTC, but that just meant more space and WAY better parking. The weather ended up being pretty dreary, but the atmosphere inside was full of energy and excitement. Between the people stopping by our booth to buy books and the children in the children's pavilion across from us running around with painted faces and masks, it was a fun--and busy--day. Here are some of the pictures we managed to take throughout the day:

The sea of people browsing

The first two books in the Lexicon Adventure series, Lost in Lexicon and
The Ice Castle

Anne Sawyer-Aitch's pink tiger made his second appearance...

...and was a big hit with the children. 

Our editorial intern, Lexy (left), and Anne (middle)

Well, that's all for now. We're going to try to catch our breath after all this lit-packed fun, but if you have pictures or stories from the Twin Cities Book Festival, make sure you share them with us!

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