Jan 29, 2013

A Note From Lexy, Scarletta's Editorial Intern

So often, interns are belittled to coffee runs or stuffing envelopes. Fortunately, my experience as Scarletta's fall editorial intern was much more valuable, and due to Scarletta's small size and friendly staff, I got to be very involved in many of the steps it takes to take words on a page and turn them into a book.

My first responsibility was to read through new submissions and organize them. I was surprised no only by the huge amount of submissions a small Minnesota press got, but also by the wide range of content that spanned every genre and character imaginable. It was clear that this was a very busy, yet very creative environment, one where everybody's vision and talent helped to create the finished product.

The launch of Scarletta Kids brought piles of picture books to our desks. Envisioning the colorful illustrations and whimsical characters, then brainstorming with the rest of the staff about what the manuscript would allow the designers and illustrators to do, pushed our imaginations. Seeing how words become a playful puppet show or an interactive e-book indicated that books are not remaining static, but becoming more dynamic, creative, and interactive, especially for young readers.

Every detail is considered and re-worked until the color scheme, font, and illustrations come together to bring the words to life. I realized over my four months that the many small steps in this process and the decisions made are what gives each publisher their own specific fingerprint on the books published. That cover, that type, those words-- they have been mulled over and picked for specific reasons. Each of the designers, marketers, and editors at Scarletta make up a team of some of the most innovative and imaginative people I have worked alongside. With the new imprints, a stronger social media presence, a new website, and magnificent spring books, there is an energy in the office that I was not expecting in what so many have deemed to be a dying industry. These books are the final product of so many talented people and their creative vision.

Every time I walk into a bookstore with its packed shelves, or crack open a new book, I will be reminded of the collaboration of bright minds that sparked each one into being. I am excited for Scarletta going forward, and though my time with them is over, it seems like a new direction for them is just beginning!


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