Mar 1, 2013

Happy Read Across America Day!

You'll need:
-a paper plate
-black pipe cleaners
-white cardstock
-red paper
-a black marker

Are you stuck in a rut with nothing to do? Bored on a Friday and feeling so blue? 

Perk up, my dear friends, for here’s something new. From Scarletta Press: a fun craft for you!

It’s ever so easy and terribly fun.  You’ll grin from the start and won’t stop ‘til you’re done!

Some paper, a marker, and one stick of glue. And it takes just a minute…okay, maybe two!

So take a small break to put a book in your way; join our celebration of Read Across America Day!

1. Draw your hat and bow tie, then cut them out
2. Cut out the center of the paper plate

3. Draw your stripes and cut them out
4. Glue the stripes to your hat
5. Glue the hat, bow tie, and pipe cleaners to the paper plate. 
(We also added a string to keep the mask on, 
but you can just hold it or put it on a stick as well.)

For more information about NEA's Read Across America Day, please click on your favorite image from Nora and Josh around the office!  The NEA website contains all sorts of Read Across America goodies, including a Live Stream from New Jersey's big event, an event locator, and other crafts for your and family and friends.

From Us to You: Read On!

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