May 2, 2013

Here's to a playful, book-filled summer!

Earlier this week I found myself in a part of my neighborhood I’d never been to before.  At one point I passed an elementary school with a playground full of kids enjoying the spring sun, and I saw something I’d only read about: a Mobius climber—a complex mathematical concept (a Mobius band has one surface and no edges) made into a very cool piece of playground equipment perfect for climbing (and maybe the occasional slide).

As my short time as an editorial intern at Scarletta ends and I look back, interning at Scarletta was kind of like finding a Mobius playground in my backyard.  Scarletta books feature killer design, where form and content meet seamlessly, but most of all spin stories thatwhether inspiring kids to get active in their community or to create something new—don’t create artificial boundaries between learning and play.

I’ve enjoyed my time here learning about how a small press can respond to the challenges and changes of modern publishing with innovation and a bit of scrappiness. Just like a kid on the playground or inside on a rainy day, with a little creativity a book can be anything you can imagine it can be. Thanks to the small but dedicated Scarletta staff and here’s to a fun, book-filled summer!

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