Jan 24, 2014

How to Maximize Your Reading Time

            All things take time, especially reading. Whether it's 15 minutes, or an entire weekend, when you want to read you'll probably have to not be doing other things. I can't say I've met anyone who can honestly watch TV, or do the dishes, or pack their luggage while reading and actually walk away with complete comprehension. It just can't be done. So, when you're in need of a good reading fix, and you know you'd rather be lost in a book right now, when do you do it? Possibly just as importantly, where?

To answer these questions, I've enlisted the expert opinion of our Scarletta Editor, Josh.

"Luckily, I rarely have trouble finding time to sneak away with a new favorite book. It’s never been too difficult to rationalize reading over going out or sleeping or socializing with friends. It’s just my second nature to curl up and read away, I guess. That said, it is sometimes difficult to find the perfect place to read. To me, striking the perfect balance with comfort, lighting, and available time is key to utilizing your downtime to read. 

  • You have to be comfortable, but not overly so! Falling asleep during your downtime is not going to help you read your book. 

  • Soft lighting is not only fantastic to read in, it’s also the easiest way to look lovely while reading. Blaring light is overpowering and headache-inducing: avoid it at all costs! 

  • Finally, I recommend only reading when you have a stretch of time to accomplish a good chunk of your book. Whether it’s a single chapter, twenty pages, or even the first half of a novel, setting a goal that’s attainable given your available time is incredibly helpful.

As for specific places to read: I find it incredibly soothing to read in coffee shops or even dim bars. I’ve spent many evenings and mornings at Bull Run Coffee, nestled with a cappuccino and a pastry, but I am perfectly comfortable at Republic, reading at a table and enjoying a flight of beer. 

The real key to reading more in your downtime: do what works best for you."

There's nothing I could say that he hasn't already covered with one exception. Never forget to thank yourself afterwards for making the time to better yourself. There's nothing like being appreciated, and if you're not out with your friends, who better to thank you, than you?

So, what are your reading tips and tricks to get as many pages into your day as possible?

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