Nov 10, 2011

For Lovers of Lexicon

If you haven't already purchased Lost in Lexicon here's one more reason why you should: Compass Book Ratings has featured the novel in their 2011 Holiday Gift Guide! When discussing the books they've compiled, Compass Book Ratings says "The books in our gift guide represent the best clean reads we've read all year, and we think that our readers will enjoy giving and getting these titles!"
In other news about Lexicon, the Mom's Choice Award blog is currently featuring an interview with author Penny Noyce about what it's been like winning the Mom's Choice Award, what she's been up to since then, and where her inspiration comes from:
Q: So where did you get such an idea of magical lands and lost children?
A: When I was a child, I wanted more than anything to go to C.S. Lewis’s land of Narnia. My sister and I probed dark closets, leaped over rivers, and ran down hills with our eyes closed, calling on Aslan to transport us to that magical world.
We at Scarletta couldn't be more glad that C.S. Lewis inspired Penny all those years ago! And you can read the rest of her interview here.

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