Nov 8, 2011

Sweet on Books

Did you know Sweet on Books is sweet on Lost in Lexicon? Sweet on Books is a locally-based initiative with reviews written exclusively by mothers as part of the ABC7 Learning Section. Each week they bring readers the latest reviews of books geared toward children in grades K-5. Here are some of the wonderful things they had to say:

"Under the guise of an adventure novel, Lost in Lexicon expertly incorporates educational elements into the storyline to deliver a true learning experience. Just as The Phantom Tollbooth…did years ago, this book pushes readers to see the familiar from a new perspective and to open their minds to fresh ideas."

"Both The Phantom Tollbooth and Lost in Lexicon serve as reminders that we are all equipped with a perfect cure for boredom—our own brains. I hope that this story inspires many young readers to observe, think, have open minds, and most important, to rely on themselves for entertainment."

You can find the rest of the review here!

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