Mar 2, 2012

Read Across America Day 2012

What a wonderful day! In case you haven't heard: Today is Read Across America Day AND it's Dr. Seuss' 108th birthday! It's only fitting that the two share a day since Dr. Seuss created more than 60 books before his death in 1991.

Read Across America day is hosted by the National Education Association (NEA). Of course, they promote reading 365 days a year (plus 1 for this year!), but today is a special day to promote reading and to motivate every child to become an avid reader. And this year, there's even a Dr. Seuss movie coming out just for the kids. The Lorax hits theaters today, and it's themes have generated this year's color scheme: GREEN. The Lorax calls for people everywhere to clean up their environments and to be wary of over-consumption.

So why do we celebrate both Read Across America and Dr. Seuss' birthday on the same day? Well, because Dr. Seuss promoted amusing, playful learning tools for you and I to share with any and every child. There's nothing better than a child's reading successes. Now we've always known that literacy starts with infancy, but the NEA has put together this nifty handout: 6 Keys to Help a Child Become a Good Reader.
  1. Start early
  2. Surround your child with a reading-rich environment
  3. Talk with your child
  4. Teach your child while you read aloud
  5. Help your child develop critical thinking skills
  6. Find a good preschool setting
Need some suggestions on how to celebrate? Just google Read Across America, and you'll be practically overwhelmed with all the neat ideas from across the nation. You can find more news about Read Across America, activities to play with kids (all year round too!), and lots of cool print-outs on their website. If you're in the mood for fun pictures, check out our Read Across America pinterest board!

And last but not least, remember to READ EVERYDAY!

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