Mar 29, 2012

Why You Should Preorder Your Favorite Books

Why do people preorder books? Are they just too lazy to go to a bookstore the day the book arrives? Actually, people preorder books because they love their authors! Each book you preorder tells Amazon/Barnes & Noble/whoever that one more person needs this book so badly that they're willing to pay for it long before they'll actually receive it. Maybe you're thinking, well what does that change? It changes the number of books those same companies (Amazon/Barnes & Noble/etc) will purchase for their shelves (or in the case of Amazon, their warehouses).
The more buzz and preorders an author can get, the more likely booksellers will promote that book. Because there's already proof that it's something people are interested in.
And you're not just helping out your favorites authors by preordering their books, you're also helping out your checking account. How's that, you ask? Most preordered books are discounted.

Scarletta, for example, has two new books coming out this summer, The Ice Castle: An Adventure in Music (book 2 in the Lexicon Adventure Series) and Knives on the Cutting Edge: The Great Chef's Dining Revolution. If you were interested in buying either title, you could wait until August when both are released, or you could preorder them at these discounted prices: As of today, Amazon is offering The Ice Castle for $11.16 (20% off) and Barnes & Noble is offering it for $7.97 (43% off). And Amazon is offering Knives on the Cutting Edge for $10.85 (32% off), while Barnes & Noble's price is $9.87 (38% off). All around these are some pretty great deals, AND by preordering, you're lending a lot of well needed support to writers - in the case of these two books, Pendred Noyce and Bob MacDonald would be eternally grateful.

Now we're not saying "shun bookstores and preorder everything." I go into bookstores on a weekly basis and buy a book that catches my eye. But for your favorite books, your most anticipated releases, you really should start preordering! And you can preorder just about any kind of book you might be interested in...Publisher's Weekly came out with an article on tracking Amazon's preorders, and they found what they deem a "healthy" variety. While Amazon's "top 100 has a tendency to skew toward nonfiction, the genres and topics to be found in preordered books shows a healthy variety, from memoir to children's books to comics." They have a list of some of that variety here.
So go out and preorder a book today! It doesn't have to be one of ours (though of course we would love you forever), just support an author somewhere! If you're really excited about an upcoming book, let the booksellers and distributors know today.

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  1. Apart from everything else that it does for the author, pre-ordering guarantees you delivery at a great price. No chance of getting disappointed at going to the bookstore and not finding it available there.