May 10, 2012

It's also National Music Week!

There’s been a lot of talk this week about Children’s Book Week, but did you also know that it’s National Music Week? First observed in 1924 and sponsored by the National Federation of Music Clubs, this week is marked by concerts, festivals, and musical events of all sorts in libraries, businesses, and schools across the country. In the words of National Music Week’s founder, Mr. Charles M. Tremaine,

“Music Week is, to some extent, different from all the other special ‘weeks.’ It is a ‘drive’ for music by the friends of music, but is also the occasion for participation in and receiving of pleasure, thus making it independent of any propelling force from behind. It gathers its momentum as it goes along from the enjoyment it brings…. Music, permeating the atmosphere, enters many new places where it is welcome.”

In celebration of National Music Week, we thought it only fitting to provide some fun facts about Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, one of the most influential composers in history. It’s also especially fitting because Mozart happens to be featured prominently in Pendred Noyce’s upcoming book, Ice Castle. In the latest book of the Lexicon series—out this August from our Scarletta Junior Readers imprint—Daphne and Ivan, along with their cousin Lila, travel to the Land of Winter where social status is based on musical talent. The three children must endure slavery, hunger, illness, and injustice before they can spark a revolution to return spring to the Land of Winter.

So without much further ado, here are 5 things you probably never knew about Mozart:

1. If you listened to Mozart’s music for 8 hours a day, every day, it would still take you about 1,487.5 days to hear it all…that’s more than 4 years!

2. Mozart learned to write music before he learned to write words.

3. On the road, Mozart entertained himself by creating an imaginary kingdom called Back, where he ruled as king.

4. Mozart did stunts at the piano, like playing blindfolded, playing with the keys covered, or playing backwards (facing away from the piano, with his hands behind his back).

5. The Mozart family dog was called Bumperl.

Need some ideas of how to celebrate National Music Week in your community? Visit the National Federation of Music Clubs website for plenty of great ideas. Your group can even enter to win awards for your participation!

And don’t forget to preorder your copy of Ice Castle on Barnes&Noble or today!

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