May 17, 2012

An Overdue Introduction

You may have noticed that someone new has been updating our blog recently, and my apologies for not introducing myself sooner. I’m Nora, and I replaced Ashley as the literary marketing assistant here at Scarletta Press (I fondly call myself Ashley 2.0, which I’m sure she appreciates). I’m really excited about coming on board, so I thought I might take this time to tell you a little about myself and what I do for Scarletta.

I graduated last spring from the University of Minnesota, where I majored in English. During my undergrad, I worked as the managing editor of the art and literature journal, Ivory Tower, and decided that I wanted to work in publishing after graduation. So last summer, I attended the University of Denver’s Publishing Institute, moved to New York to look for a job at a major publishing house, and then promptly moved back to Minneapolis a few months later when I realized I didn’t actually want to live in New York and didn't need to be there to be in the book industry. I guess you could say that I’ve bounced around a bit over the last year, but I’m definitely glad to be back in the Twin Cities. That brings us to now and to my work at Scarletta. As the literary marketing assistant, one of my major responsibilities is running our social media accounts. So all those lovely updates you get from us on Facebook and Twitter about interesting articles and events? Yup, they come from me. I also run our Pinterest page (I never thought I would get paid to pin things, but that’s just one of the many perks to working in marketing). During our reading period, I get to read the submissions we get, which I am particularly thrilled about because I have what some may call an unhealthy obsession with books, especially children's and young adult books.
That’s probably enough about me for now. There are so many cool things going on at Scarletta at the moment that I probably shouldn’t take too much time to talk about myself.

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