Sep 6, 2012

Wonderful Reviews for Knives on the Cutting Edge

When we have great books, like Bob Macdonald's Knives on the Cutting Edge: The Great Chefs' Dining Revolution, we can't help but be proud of them. And when other people love them, well that's even better. So we just wanted to briefly share the great reviews we've received so far.

From Foreword Reviews:
"Highly innovative gourmet meals and the exquisitely selected wines to accompany them may be as intricate as a symphony, and as tricky to explain, but here the author has taken an orderly approach to describing the hunt for culinary perfection....Yet, just when one eating tale seems like another, MacDonald lets loose with an unexpected account, often brimming with intrigue, that puts a reader in mind of the ultimate dining compliment: 'I’ll have what he’s having.' At least, in a vicarious way, his hungry readers can." Read the rest here.

From Jesse Kornbluth on Huffington Post Food, and on his website (

What keeps him human -- what keeps this book from a wallow in meals that read like NC-17 movies -- is his lack of snobbery about his good fortune. 'Our meals in local bistros and even picnics with fresh French bread and favorites such as pork rillettes, sliced sausages and hams, celery remoulade and Comte cheese could be just as memorable.'
...You get the idea: the Macdonalds have had decades of the kind of experiences that are unrealized dreams for most foodies. For those dreamers, as for me, this is armchair dining, and at the highest level." Read the rest of the article here.

And on Amazon, one customer wrote:
"'Knives on the Cutting Edge' is food narrative, personal reminiscences and exploits, and guidebook rolled into one.... For my next trip abroad, I'll plan ahead using Bob Macdonald's book and then place it in my carry-on bag as one of the very few restaurant books I'll ever need."
Read other customer reviews and share your own if you've read Bob's book.

If you love food and travel--or if you know someone who does--and you haven't checked out Knives on the Cutting Edge yet, it's worth visiting your local bookstore or going online to Amazon or Barnes & Noble. Tip: it makes a great gift for the holidays!

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  1. Another great review of Bob's book has also just been posted on Midwest Book Reviews. They called it "a must for those foodies who want to find the best the world has to offer." Read the rest of the review here.