Oct 9, 2013

Meet Denzel!

Take a minute to meet our newest Marketing/PR intern: Denzel!

For someone who spends so much of their time talking about himself, I'm surprisingly bad at this typed out introduction thing. Perhaps it's the fear that it will be forever immortalized online. But more so I imagine it's the enticement of the delete key, the ability to rephrase a hundred times until everything sounds perfect.
I should avoid the delete key, lest I transform myself into some sort of superman beyond reproach. 

Here goes.

My name is Denzel and I'm new here. Well, new enough. I've been in Minnesota long enough that the idea of being from anywhere else feels as weird as it is true. Minneapolis is my home, and that will remain forever true. I've always been a city kid, and the Central Library is as much my place of study as any university has ever been. I'm a book lover but my collection has not grown much in the past few years, instead books cycle in and out as they change hands from friend to friend and a copy of my favorite book has travelled further from home than I have. My love of books stems in part from my love of foreign lands, and of history.

I study Forensic Archaeology at the University of MN – Twin Cities, and interesting realm of digging stuff up and then spending a week in a lab testing it. I intend to leave no stone unturned, no bones about it. Well. Actually a lot of bones are involved, but a bad pun is simply an irresistible opportunity. My day to day has me researching the irrigation techniques of ancient civilizations or the composition of ancient cooking pots. It is something I find more exciting than perhaps anything beside hot cider on a cold winter morning.

 I have quite possibly the least intuitive minor possible, Media Relations. It is here that I find myself intersecting with Scarletta, a place where my need to acquire knowledge and my need to consume the written word are both being met, and I even get to meet some college requirements in the process. Plus it will be fantastic working with children's books, I've always felt like they're some of the most important writing out there. I certainly can't imagine being who I am today without The Boxcar Children or Artemis Fowl.

It's my third day, and I already feel comfortable. I think thats a good sign, but I can never be too sure. Perhaps I'll pester Josh about what I should be feeling later. In the meantime I intend to ease my way into the field, and hopefully find that I am as comfortable when the winter comes and the snow begins piling on as I am today.

I only deleted 23 words, that's good right?

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  1. Very good :). Sounds like a really fun background to be starting with.