Oct 10, 2013

Why Scarletta is the Best, Why My Book Kicks Butt, and How I Became The Greatest Children's Book Author That Ever Lived!

Okay, so I may have used some superlative terms in titling this blog post, but that's what you get when you don't send your editor a title!

(OK, I didn't tell Paul I needed one, and I mostly wanted to make a title that was sure to grab your attention. In fact, barely any of the title is addressed in this delightful guest post from Mr. Czajak, but you're reading this and playing along so I think I've adequately done my job.)

To kick off the Monster Needs a Costume Blog Tour: A guest post by our very own beloved author of this fantastic book, Paul Czajak.  Thanks for reading! 

Recently, I was going over some of my own blog posts on paulczajak.com (read it, live it, love it) and I noticed that I never posted about how much I have enjoyed working with Scarletta. I mentioned it briefly in passing, but I have never dedicated a post on the subject. It’s possible because I never received that limo set at exactly 72°F when I signed on. Or it could be because I am a self absorbed narcissist. We’ll let history decide which one is the cause, but for now I would like to make up for this oversight by saying as a first time published author I feel like I’ve struck gold. 

Scarletta has been a joy to work with and I’m not just saying that because they bought my book(s).  They have included me in the publishing process since day one.  From asking my opinion on what Monster and Boy illustrations (Monster & Me series) to developing a marketing plan and Skyping with me to make sure I understand it. Being published can be overwhelming. But when you have a Publisher, an Editor, and a Marketing team willing to put forth their best effort to make sure you succeed as a writer, the process is far less stressful. 

It becomes what writing for children should be, fun.

Now about that limo…


  1. Wow this is so weird I almost sent you that exact same title when I realized I forgot one. It's good to know we are on the same page.

  2. LOL! You guys are too funny! Love the book! Love the trailer! What else can I say, other than, I might like to get my hands on one of those monster tee shirts!

  3. I love when both the author and publisher are both happy and the book comes out as a beautiful product. You work well together!