Mar 18, 2014

A Book For Lunch

“Eating and reading are two pleasures that combine admirably.” - CS Lewis

I've talked before about the idea of book diets before, because I think the idea is magical and hilarious. This time though, I've decided to approach the idea of a book diet from a slightly more literal perspective. Not too literal because I'm pretty sure that ingesting books is relatively unhealthy, I highly doubt that there are many vitamins and minerals soaked into the pages of my favorite murder mystery.

What I mean is a book for lunch, a book at lunch, a book with lunch, however it is best described. I am strongly considering the idea of a book with my lunch break every day. It's an exciting notion, I must admit, because I've been starved (I am the wittiest staff member) for reading time as of late. I often feel the desire to read when I have simply too many other things with a deadline, and the same goes for having a meal. I watch the clock tick down until my lunch-break, going slower and slower as it approaches.

I swear it starts to move backwards eventually

Is the solution to both issues multitasking? It has been brought back to the forefront of my mind multiple times recently because everyday as I traverse the Skyway system for a restaurant that doesn't have a huge line I find myself pulled into Barnes and Noble. Perhaps it's a sign that I need to read at lunch, or perhaps it's simply a sign that Barnes and Noble is the only exit to the maze that I can remember.

Either way, it simply must happen. The last time I completed a book mostly during meals was when I first started here and was reading through My Brother's Name and it was amazing how nice it was to know that everyday there would be somewhere between 20 and 50(don't tell my boss) minutes of time where my only goal was to consume both words and wheat, sandwich and script, text and tacos. Perhaps I'll actually manage to catch up on my To-Read list this way.

Are there others out there that make a point to read while they snack? Any suggestions on the best way to avoid marring my pages with BBQ sauce? 

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