Aug 15, 2013

30 Day Challenge: Day 22

Day 22: Favorite Book on Your Bookshelf

I decided some of these prompts are too similar. I mean, how can I tell you about my favorite book I own without giving away my favorite book of all time (Day 30)!?! So I decided to be more creative today and take a photo of my largest bookshelf (no, this is definitely not all our books.) I love almost all the books I own, and so I display them with pride. You can see there is quite a varied taste of reading material on the shelves, so we are never bored.


Doesn't Desiree's bookshelf look entirely too organized?! It sort of puts my bookshelves to shame. Still, I am definitely stealing her idea.

I agree that this prompt is entirely too similar to a few of the others. And, let's be clear, my favorite book on my bookshelf is also my favorite book! 


This bookshelf is, unfortunately, double stacked. There is another whole layer of books behind the ones up front, but I just haven't had the time to spread them out to my other bookshelves around the house. 

So, yes, this is a small sample of the books around the place, but I think this shelf, in particular, is a great representation of my book taste: wonderfully varied, but always in great taste.

What's your favorite book on our bookshelves?


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